• Built in 2010 as one of the key infrastructure projects for the 16th Asian Games, Guangzhou International Badminton Training Center is a venue for badminton training and match designed in full compliance with the IBF standard for matches of the highest level, and is also the only multi-purpose gymnasium that is specially designed for badminton in the world.
• Guangzhou International Badminton Training Center not only serves as an exclusive venue for the 16th Asian Games, but also undertakes the task of training and teaching international badminton athletes. Meanwhile, it is also the training base of Guangzhou Yueyu Badminton Club, the only badminton club in Guangzhou that attends the matches in Guangzhou Badminton Club’s Super League, as well as the training base for professional badminton teams in Guangzhou, China and even the world.

• Since 18th March 2011, Guangzhou International Badminton Training Center (GIBTC) has been officially opened to the public. GIBTC will be built into a platform for international badminton exchange, a cradle for national badminton new stars, a happy land for the residents in Luogang District to have healthy activities, and a backyard garden for the mass people in Guangzhou to spend their leisure holidays.

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